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We Purchase Lottery and Gaming Awards

If you are the winner of a state sponsored lottery or if you have been fortunate to have won a casino jackpot payable in monthly installments and you would prefer a lump sum cash payment, M & M Financial can help.  As the winner of a lottery or gaming jackpot you can...

M & M Financial can assist you in quickly obtaining a Lump Sum Cash Settlement for your lottery or gaming settlement which can be used for....

Get a No Obligation Confidential Quotation

You can receive a "no obligation" confidential quote regarding a lump sum settlement on your lottery or gaming award from M & M Financial Simply complete our annuity profile form (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required) and fax it to our underwriters.  A representative will contact you within 24 hours to begin processing your request. If you have difficulty downloading our forms, you may also request a quote by mail or use our online annuity quote request form

If you are the owner of a mortgage note, business note, or similar installment obligation with immediate LUMP SUM Cash Needs or would like to discuss the benefits of a LUMP SUM Cash Out of a structured settlement or senior life policy, give us a call today for a FREE, No-Obligation consultation and quote.  You'll be glad you did.