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At M & M Financial, we provide a broad range of unique financial services to both individuals and business owners nationwide. 

Owner Carry-Back Owner Financed Mortgage Notes

We are purchasers of privately held performing residential and investment property mortgage notes.  We can provide you and your family with a LUMP SUM cash purchase or partial cash purchase which can be used for....

Seller Financed Business Notes

We are a purchaser of seller financed business notes.  We can assist you in obtaining immediate cash for private business notes created as the result of partnership buy-outs or sales to undercapitalized new owners.

Additional Financial Services

In addition to assisting holders in the full or partial liquidation of seller carry back residential mortgage notes and business notes, M & M Financial can provide lump sum cash payments for.....


If you are the owner of a mortgage note, business note, or similar installment obligation and now find yourself with immediate LUMP SUM Cash Needs or would like to discuss the benefits of a LUMP SUM Cash Out of a structured settlement or senior life policy, give us a call today for a FREE, No-Obligation consultation and quote.  You'll be glad you did.